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Welcome To Shelley's Goldens!!!

Thank you and Good Night! 

After much consideration, the LaFleur family is making the decision to retire from dog breeding. We were considering breeding Winnie one last time but our family is going through some big changes over the next year including preparing to move out of state, our daughter focusing on her final year of high school and everyone working/having school outside of the house for the majority of the time we would have had puppies home for this last time. Given the pride we have in the way we raise our puppies, with time,love and attention, we just don't think it would be fair to our buyers to not give our last litter, the same treatment that our other puppies have had.

In addition, our 2nd half of Shelley's Goldens (the Shelley part) has retired to Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin and is enjoying retirement at the lake. This has made transportation of our Willow pups much more difficult.

We have had so much fun getting to raise our puppies, watching them grow, holding them, playing with each of them, giving them fun names, doing photo shoots, learning about each of their personalities from birth, laughing at their antics, rubbing their bellies, playing proud moms and dads while we talk to people about each of them.

We still love getting pictures and updates of all our babies. We sent each one home with a piece of our hearts and our hopes for a happy future with their new families.

I hope that those of your with our puppies are still getting to love and enjoy your golden puppy everyday, and please know that even even in breeding retirement, we are still here for our puppy families if you have questions or concerns of any kind. No matter how old your Shelleys Golden puppy is, we will never be closed for contact to you.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us.

Jayme,Shelley and Family

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