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Taking Care of Your Puppy


Golden Retrievers are low to medium shedders. Its important that you keep up with their grooming. As a golden retriever owner and a groomer, I like to trim up their leg feathers, trim down the hair around their feet, and shave down the hair around their butt, at least every 3 to 4 months. I recommend to my customers, that they  to brush them at least once at week, especially as they can be prone to knots around their ears. 

Using a rake is to helpful in pulling out the undercoat and avoiding additional shedding. It also creates an opportunity for bonding with your puppy. Your fur baby will learn to love that personal time with you,

A steel comb helps to break up knots. The knots tend to build up behind their ears and on their rear hairs.

I do not recommend using slickers or furminators. They damage the hair on golden retrievers.  


It's a good idea to bathe or have your dog bathed at least every 3 to 4 months. Too much more than that can cause dry skin.

You should be trimming the nails every week. If you can trim it every week the quick (this is the color you see inside the nail) moves back and allows you to keeps their nails nice and neat. I recommend trimming at least once  month. but if you can do it more frequently it helps with their stance, helps to avoid clicking on the floors, and it gives them better traction. It helps with having their feet handles, and it helps the groomer when they trim them later if that is your preference. 

(Should you choose to adopt a puppy from Shelley's Goldens, we would be happy to go over any questions you have have about how to properly groom your puppy.We can even show you how to do a nail trim!)


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